Pat Smear (Foo Fighters)

    Pat Smear is one of the most respected guitarists in America's Alt-Rock scene - and he's played an early Eastwood Sidejack Baritone with Foo Fighters.


    Pat Smear has a great musical CV for anyone's standards - which puts him as one of the most respected guitarists in the Alt-Rock scene. After all, he played in legendary bands such as The Germs, Nirvana and Foo Fighters, besides working with artists as varied as Mike Watt and Paul McCartney.

    For the Foo Fighters' MTV Awards performance in 2009, when they covered the Sex Pistols' 'God Save The Queen', Pat used an early version of the Eastwood Sidejack Baritone

    Pat was a member of Foo Fighters in the initial three years of the band, from 1994 to 1997, and after a briefly hiatus from the band, he rejoined in 2005 and remain a key member to this day.

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    Sidejack Baritone

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