Top Left Hand Guitarist Advantages From Eastwood Guitars

    Here at Eastwood Guitars, we pride ourselves in the exciting line of vintage guitar models that we've been producing since 2001. We are over the moon about our line of vintage left hand guitars that are exact physical replicas of the originals with excellent tone and quality but with advanced components that produce a sound unmatched by the originals. Plus, our replicas don't break the bank like the originals do! You can tell people your Eastwood Guitar is an original MOSRITE or AIRLINE though, your secret is safe with us!

    There's a reason we're still making the left hand guitars! There are a ton of advantages to being a lefty guitar player.

    1. Consider the scenario of being at band practice. Because you've got the left hand guitar, you don't have to worry about people picking up your guitar and wanting to play it! Simply useless to the right-handers.

    2. Consider aesthetics and symmetry. If you have the general guitarist, bassist, vocals, drummer setup in your band and you (or your guitarist) is a lefty, the symmetry on stage is extremely please to the audience's eye!

    3. If you're still taking lessons from a tutor or teacher, you'll be mirroring the other person exactly with your left hand guitar. This makes it very easy to copy exactly what they're doing. You'll definitely have a one up on the right-handed players.

    Don't believe the hype! If a left handed guitar feels natural to you, then that's what you should go with!