Eastwood's Gear of the Year for 2023!

    Every year we come out with tons of new models,
    check out the Eastwood Team's Gear of the Year of 2023!

    My gear of the year is the Airline Tuxedo Baritone. I think the standard Tuxedo is one of our best sounding guitars in general. The high output P90s sound fantastic. However, I've always been particularly fond of the sound of a baritone. Something about just playing chords on a baritone sounds more musical to me than a standard scale length guitar. The Tuxedo baritone gives me the best of both worlds and that coupled with being made in our top of the range Korean factory results in a truly special guitar.

    Matt - Logistics Manager


    The Sidejack Baritone 20th LTD is my pick for Gear of the Year! Baritone guitars offer a whole new world of tones and unlock new creativity. I've always been a fan of the Sidejack series and to have this awesome look in a baritone model is just perfect. The colors are beautiful and complete the package! Looks, Playability and most importantly, TONE!

    Shad - Business Development Manager

    My Gear of the Year is the Eastwood Hooky Baritone PRO. I’ve been waiting for this to arrive since I first saw it on the production schedule and am even more excited now that it’s here! We’ve done tons of baritones over the years, but this is the first time we’ve approached the R&D for a baritone from the bass rather than from a guitar and it’s resulted in a completely unique baritone sound.

    Chris - Marketing and Content Manager


    The BB-04 COPI DELAY pedal is my Gear of the Year! It's very easy to use and dial in the right delay I need. Just the right amount of knobs to make it very simple to recreate a delay as well just in case any knobs get moved or stomped on stage. The pedal output is also very clean so there is no added buzz or electrical noise added to the delay signal chain. 

    Patrick - Chicago Manager


    While I love the adventurous, quirky, and versatile nature of the various oddball instruments released under our MRG line (like the Flyte) I tend to gravitate toward guitars that keep things simple when it’s time to sit down and play. That’s why my pick this year is the Eastwood TG-150, the first archtop hollowbody Eastwood has made in over a decade! You can truly feel how this one rings as you play it, and the single P90 pickup with basic controls make this tenor extremely approachable. Not to mention, I’m a sucker for that florentine cutaway!

    Vince - E-Commerce Manager

    I have a few original versions of this in my collection, some branded Airline, some Supro, some are the "Amp-in-Case" versions. The originals are fun to play, but often the necks were too bulky, frets too thin, and the pickups were too microphonic for any practical use. That's why we decided to make a modern day tribute version that resolves all those issues and it turned out better than I had imagined! Yes, short scale and minimal access to the upper frets limits its use compared to modern guitars, but that's what makes the Airline Thunderstick my 2023 Gear of the Year as it's nothing like any other guitar I have. It's just so much fun its hard to put down!

    Mike - President

    My Gear of the Year is the Rivolta Mondo Combinata Baritone. Super lightweight and with a slightly shorter 27" scale, so it's a great transitional instrument from a regular six string and it has awesome tones.

    Wes - Rivolta Business Development Manager