Anna Frances Meyer (Les Deux Luxes)

    Anna Frances Meyer from Canadian duo Les Deux Luxes is a longtime fan of Eastwood Guitars, and has played quite a few of our instruments.


    Anna plays mostly tenor guitars, so it should come as little surprise that she gravitated towards our instruments.

    Les Deux Luxes are an exciting rock duo from Canada, and Anna delivers some ripping lines with he Eastwood tenor guitars, including now discontinued models such as the Astrojet Tenor, Tenor TV and a green Warren Ellis Tenor 2P.

    The band have toured worldwide, from their hometown Montreal all the way to Europe and South America. They are a true rock'n'roll sensation, and if you ever come across their live shows, don't miss it - a great opportunity to see a guitarist rocking out a tenor guitar... proof that the instrument is as suitable for rock music as the more traditional folk format.

    Instruments Played:

    Warren Ellis Tenor 2P Custom Special (discontinued, view standard version)

    Warren Ellis Tenor 2P Custom Special 

    Astrojet Tenor (discontinued)

    Eastwood Astrojet Tenor

    Flying TV Tenor (discontinued)

     Eastwood Flying TV Tenor

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