Nick McCabe

    Nick McCabe was a true powerhouse of a guitarist, propelling Britpop icons The Verve to new sonic highs - and in more recent years, has found the Eastwood Ichiban to be one of his go-to guitars.


    With The Verve in the nineties, Nick McCabe established himself as one of the most unique and original British guitarists of the era - creating the sonic landscapes that made the band one of the most far out of the early 1990's, with a mix of psychedelia and shoegaze. Producer Owen Morris (who also worked with Oasis on 'Definitely Maybe') said McCable was "without a shadow of a doubt the most gifted musician I've ever worked with."

    After the band split up, McCabe has kept a relatively low profile, which suits him just fine after the madness of The Verve's heydays, and now works with other artists and in his new band Black Submarine, as well as behind the desks helping other bands out.

    Nick McCabe

    Still interested in loops, delays and the sonic possibilities of the guitar, Nick McCabe now uses an Eastwood Ichiban as one of his main guitars.

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