Todd Rundgren

    Todd Rundgren made his fame as successful multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and record producer. As a solo artist or member of bands such as Nazz and Utopia, Todd has been recognised as a truly great and original guitarist - and is now touring with a Backlund Model 100.


    Todd Rundgren is a name which needs no introduction - a real 70's rock legend, behind several hit singles and albums - his own as well of other artists', with production credits including names such as Patti Smith, Meat Loaf, XTC, New York Dolls and many others.

     As a guitarist, he was more than just a great player - but a true connoisseur, who used to own the original Gibson "Fool SG" formerly belonging to Eric Clapton in Cream.

    But after decades of experience on the road and in the studio, it seems Rundgren still has an eye for unique, eye-catching guitars which stand-out both sonically as visually. After all, he chose a Backlund Model 100 for Utopia's comeback tour, didn't he?

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    Backlund Model 100

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