Creativity Treasure Trove: The MRG Studio Series

    by Lincoln Smith
    Today’s guitarists are branching out more than ever when it comes to experimentation in tone and style. And why wouldn’t they with a universe of pedal effects, amps, and influences at their fingertips?
    While all of these things surrounding the instrument provide creative liberty for players, Eastwood prefers to start at the source – the instrument. The Eastwood MRG Studio Series aims to provide a wide range of instrument types that are studio quality at an affordable price point.

    MRG Lap Steel

    The MRG Lap Steel is the odd man of the bunch. It’s the only instrument in the set played on the lap, and has a solid-body mahogany construction. It has a familiar 22 1/2" scale length and is 1 11/16" wide at the nut. An S-style bridge makes adjustments and setups a breeze, while the Hofner style pickup gives the lap steel a treble bite compared to the Airline Lap Steel’s humbucker smoothness.

    MRG Ukulele

    The MRG Ukulele is a rare electric take on a traditional Hawaiian instrument. Master volume and tone controls keep navigation simple, and thanks to a 15” scale it is a treat to play. The T-style bridge makes intonation and action height easily adjustable, and a mini humbucker retains the traditional ukulele spirit of a silky mid-boosted tone.

    MRG Baritone Ukulele

    For the MRG Baritone Ukulele, the same characteristics apply, although it has a longer 18” scale and deeper DGBE tuning. Traditional baritone ukulele players will find themselves at home.

    MRG Mandolin

    The MRG Mandolin shares the MRG Ukulele’s 15 inch scale and mini humbucker. The differences lie in the scale and string layout. True to its mandolin roots, you’ll find 4 paired routes of strings (8 total), tuned to the traditional GDAE. The F-style body of the MRG Studio series shines with it’s mandolin-heritage string layout.

    MRG Mandola

    What the MRG Baritone Uke is to the MRG Uke, the MRG Mandola is to the MRG Mandolin. The Mandola boasts 4 paired routes of strings, but it takes after the MRG Bari Uke with its 18” scale length. It has a deeper, traditional mandola tuning of CGDA.

    MRG Octave Mando

    The MRG Octave Mando represents a perhaps under-appreciated instrument type within the series. It has four paired routes of strings and is tuned to GDAE. Sound familiar? The difference between this and the MRG Mandolin is a full octave of bass-directed range and a whole lot of length. The Octave Mando has a 23” scale to accommodate the lower range of notes.

    MRG Tenor

    If you’re familiar with Eastwood instruments, you’re likely to be familiar with the tenor guitar. Similar to the Airline Map Tenor or Warren Ellis Signature, the MRG Tenor has a 23” scale and 4 strings, tuned GDAE – the same as the Octave Mando without the double string routes. Dual mini humbuckers keep the tone smooth, while a bit of drive can bring out more bite. It’s a thicker tone than the Warren Ellis’s blade pickup, but more treble-focused than the Map Tenor’s Valco VVDC Humbuckers.

    MRG Resonator

    The MRG Resonator, like many resonators, stands out in a crowd. This is a 25.5” scale instrument set up for a standard guitar tuning. It is the only MRG Studio instrument to boast a P-90 pickup in the neck position. Players can blend this with the under-bridge piezo pickup to provide a tone with more acoustic characteristics.

    MRG Guitar

    The MRG Guitar needs no introduction. It’s the instrument that many will be most familiar with. With a 24.75” scale, maple top, chambered mahogany body, and two Hofner-style staple pickups, it’s truly a pleasure to play when it comes to both comfort and tone.

    MRG Baritone

    The baritone guitar is another familiar staple of the Eastwood instrument lineup. The MRG Baritone has a 27.5” scale and B-to-B tuning. Players of both guitar and bass will find themselves at home in a brand new scale. Mini humbuckers help the instrument lean into the rich bass tones that it generates.

    MRG Bass

    Last but not least, the MRG Studio Series includes a full studio-ready bass guitar, with a 30.5” scale and standard EADG tuning. The MRG Bass's semi-hollow construction and a body of resonant, chambered mahogany let this bell ring unlike any other bass in the Eastwood lineup.

    * * *

    The best part of this series? It won’t cost an arm and a leg. We rolled out this lineup with studio owners in mind. Can’t decide which instrument type your track needs? Might as well have all of them at the ready. 

    That being said, the savings don’t just apply to studio heads. Any instrumentalist looking to pick up a new instrument will find a treasure trove of options in the MRG Studio series. They're waiting to be explored and are totally amp and effect capable. 

    Find a new sound that’s completely yours. Dig into the options of the MRG Studio Series.


    (And don't forget about the lefties!)